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Winding River Campground started in the 1960s as a KOA Campground, which is why the Lodge building has an iconic KOA A-frame style. At some point it was purchased by the Fischers and was named Fischers Campground. Pearl and Irv Wehman purchased the campground sometime about 1999 and named it Little Yellow River Campground after the river that creates the north boundary of the property. When the Wehman's purchased the campground, the pond was still surrounded by heavy brush and not visible, and there was only rustic camping on the back half of the property, they brought in the electrical pedestals and water to each of the sites as well as cleared the grounds to make the spring-fed pond a feature.

We, Randy & Lila, purchased the campground in December 2021 after looking forward to getting back into campground ownership since owning a resort in Minnesota in the early 2000's. Randy spent his youth helping his parents on their resort in Alexandria, MN. After he served in the Navy, he settled in Northern California and met Lila when she was an elementary school teacher.

Besides having experience in the resort industry, we found ourselves starting a restaurant in Moneta, VA. Even though the restaurant was successful, after two years we realized that we didn't enjoy being inside all day long, we missed being outdoors under trees, around water, enjoying nature.

Now, after years of financially rebuilding in the southeastern corner of Washington, we are very happy to be here at Winding River Campground with its open, flat, heavily treed spacious grounds with a beautiful pond and bordering river aesthetics.

As the next owners in the continuing history of this campground, we will bring our improvements and changes, just as the previous owners have. We are working very hard to bring in the family friendly recreational area amenities that were not here, along with a new picnic pavilion. We are very excited to see our current RVers enjoying the improvements. 

We would like to introduce you to our family. Cattie (she prefers "HRH" Her Royal Highness), tortoise colored bottle-raised calico that has been ruling the family since she was two days old when she was found abandoned in September 2009.

Elsie, a spunky 2 year old full blood Black Shepherd. You couldn't easily forget her name because when the kids are playing in the Rec Area all you hear is "Elsie drop the ball". She is obviously quite a favorite with the kids and dogs of WRC. Elsie thinks campground ownership is great except for the winter months when she pines for the summer campers.

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