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Here are some frequently asked questions. If you don't see what you are looking for do not hesitate to contact us.

Are dogs allowed and what is the fee?

Dogs (pets) are allowed and we currently do not charge for pets. We ask that dogs are limited to 2 dogs per site when possible and that you follow the usual pet rules, especially the excessive barking rule.

Is there a dog play area?

There isn't a specific dog park area but there are areas that are away from the campsites that is nice for dogs to run off leash, but still being supervised. Ask at the Campground Store or check on the Campground Notes board for those areas.  Elsie, the Campground dog, enjoys playing with other dogs in the Rec Area when there are not a lot of people around that would not enjoy the dogs running in that area.

Are there areas that dogs are not allowed?

We do not allow dogs on the beach, which is very typical of most beaches. But the dogs are allowed to swim in the pond as long it is in an area away from where kids might be disturbed by dogs in the pond with them. Dogs are not allowed inside the Campground Store or the Bath houses.

Is the Little Yellow River accessible from the Campground?

Yes, there are locations that make it easy to access the river,

check out the Little Yellow River page on this website for more

info on the river's flow.

Is the pond stocked and can we fish in the pond?

The pond is not officially stocked but there are a variety of fish in the pond some of them are rather large. You can fish in the pond but it is catch and release only.


Is there much to do around the Campground?

Check out the Local Attractions page on this website, there is a

lot to do in the area. Additionally, the Wisconsin Dells is down

Interstae 90/94, only about 25 miles. There are a lot of water slides and family entertainment available there. But since we

are so close to that tourist area, you can spend a day there

having fun but then return to Winding River Campground to

enjoy a quiet crowd-free location without paying for the prices

that comes with a tourist area.

The Meadow

Rustic Tenting Area - viewed from across the pond.

I have children that will be coming to WRC, will there be anything for them to do?

There is so much to do at WRC for children and the great thing is that it is all free with no need for a wristband or extra fees. The kids that are seasonal campers are really great, they are so welcoming to new faces. The normal flow of activities is that the kids play Gaga Ball in the mornings, play on the Wibits floats for hours late morning, eat lunch, hit the Wibits floaties again, then they are back in the Rec Area playing Gaga Ball or any other of the numerous games that are available for them to play with along with biking all over the grounds. By evening, they are ready for a s'more campfire. We hear from our parents that when the kids crawl into their cars Sunday afternoon, that they are usually completely asleep before the car gets to the Interstate highway from the weekend fun!

Are there planned activities for the kids?

We do not have planned activities every weekend, since it is just the two of us managing the business, there isn't a lot of time available for us to plan and run a lot of weekend activities. Our clientele is fine with being able to come to WRC to hang out by their campfire with friends and family and not have a lot of events going on. We will be having more community campfires through the summer. We enjoy having impromptu ice cream socials and s'more events (we tried to plan these events last summer and they usually got rained out on the weekends that they were planned). This coming summer we'll have the new Pavilion, so we'll have to see what fun we can plan now that we have a place to hold activities. And we have some other ideas we'll be trying out this summer.

 Community Campfire Ring

Large 5' diameter raised campfire, there are extendable skewers available to keep little arms safe while roasting marshmallows!

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