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The Little Yellow River that flows along the north side of Winding River Campground is not the same Yellow River that flows through Necedah. The Little Yellow River originates at Rynearson Flowage within the 44,000-acre Necedah National Wildlife Refuge, it flows out of the NNW Refuge and winds its way south of Necedah, crossing State Road 80 and State Road 58 before it flows into Castle Rock Lake. Some locals say that at one time it was deep enough for boat navigation but a dam created in the NNW Refuge has limited the flowage of the river to what it is today more like a creek.


The Campground, previously named after the river, the Little Yellow River Campground, is still named after the river but now for the river's winding path. Along the river trail out in "the Meadow" of the Campground, a beaver dam can be seen. The beavers' dam and the winding path of the river help to create the wetlands on one edge of the Campground. The beaver's activities can be seen around WRC's pond, as the beavers enjoy cutting down the young trees to float to their dam. Little Yellow River also gives the Campground some of the small turtles found in the pond.                 

 A wintry frozen Little Yellow River by the WRC pond

Here is a link to online information about the restoration of the Little Yellow River.  

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