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KOA Kampground road sign

Road signs from 

previous eras

The Campground's history:  

  • started in 1970s as Castle Rock KOA 

  • Fischers' purchased the campground in 1979, renamed it Fischer's  

  • purchased around 1999 by the Wehmans' who named it Little Yellow River Campground after the river that borders  the property 

  • December 2021, Watsons' purchased the campground...

Fischer's Campground road sign
Yellow River Campground road sign

We, Randy and Lila, are happy to return to campground ownership after owning a resort in Minnesota in the early 2000s. Randy grew up on his parents' resort in Alexandria, MN and eventually was living in the Sacramento, CA area after serving in the Navy. Lila was an elementary school teacher when we met in Sacramento and later married.

Our life together has taken us to several states and adventures, but we realized we were happiest owning a campground, which we have finally been able to return to. We are happy to call the Winding River Campground home, with its flat, heavily treed spacious grounds with a beautiful pond and bordering river aesthetics.


The two of us are working hard to bring our improvements and changes to create a family friendly campground full of simple recreational amenities for all ages. We are very excited to see our current RVers enjoying the improvements. There is still much more to do!

Cleaning a pond floatie for winter storage
Using the tractor to move a garden shed
Painting the Lodge building

Moving a garden shed to a new location and new appearance

Pond Wibits fall cleaning for winter storage

We finally installed the new road sign (Summer 2023)

Trenching for the Wifi wires

After months of planning, we start trenching for the Wifi Project

Using a manlift to trim tree branches
Randy flying a drone while Elsie watches

Spring tree trimming after the Dec 2022 winter storm

Painting the Lodge (Fall 2022)

Elsie helping Randy learning to fly the drone

Cattie on a porch swing with Elsie lying by her
Elsie laying in her play tube

We would like to introduce you to our family. 

Cattie (she prefers "HRH" Her Royal Highness), tortoise colored bottle-raised calico that has been ruling the family since she was two days old when Lila's sister found her abandoned in September 2009.

Cattie & Elsie together

Elsie, a spunky 3 year old full blood Black Shepherd. You couldn't easily forget her name because when the kids are playing in the Rec Area all you hear is "Elsie drop the ball". She is obviously quite a favorite with the kids and dogs at WRC. Elsie thinks campground ownership is great except for the winter months when she pines for the summer campers.

Elsie is rarely seen not carrying a ball and campers find her balls all over the campground

Cloudy the campground kitty

Cloudy is a stray kitty that wandered onto the campground June 2022. We've built her a insulated, heated house on the campground, where she lives year round very comfortably. Cloudy is very feral and fearful of people but gets around the property quite easily.

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