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RVs For Sale

These are the RVs that are currently for sale at Winding River Campground. These units are not being sold by WRC but by Site Occupants.

To purchase an RV: 

  • You must be approved by the Campground, sign a current Agreement, and pay for the site under a new Agreement, a Buyer does not assume the current Agreement and fee amount. 

  • If you purchase a unit and are paying for the site after May 1st, Seasonal Site fees are prorated after May 1st for the amount of time left in the open season. 

  • You can purchase a unit and remove it from the Campground to use it somewhere else but the removal of the unit has to be coordinated with the Campground and the Seller, to make sure everything is removed by the Seller and the Buyer.


For more information about Seasonal Sites at WRC, you will find a lot of information on the Seasonal Site page, here's a quick link SEASON SITE​.

For additional information about a unit for sale, you need to follow the link provided and contact the Seller. These units are posted on the WRC website as a courtesy but WRC has no information on the units other than what is in the links. 

A common asked question - Winding River Campground is not licensed as a year-round campground, it is open May 1st - Oct 15th. WRC cannot be your primary residence, the campground address cannot be used to receive mail.

What's For Sale


This camper is being sold by a Seasonal RVer who has the RV posted on a Facebook page that includes pictures and basic info for the camper. WRC has the keys to these camper so that a Buyer can easily view the unit if truly interested after contacted the Seller.  Click this link to the Seller's posting.

The camper is on Site 28 which is on the pond frontage, the site does not include that section of the pond shoreline, the shoreline is community space for the Campground.

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