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We donate to the local animal shelter, the Carl W. Nelson Animal Shelter, a  501C3 non-profit organization with a mission to help homeless animals. The CWN Animal Shelter is  located in Mauston, Wisconsin, about 5 miles from   the campground.


As a small business, we believe that it is important to support the community we live in. We take the care of animals very seriously ourselves and that makes supporting this organization easy for us!

How we support the animal shelter -

  1. we collect aluminum cans from our campers, we provide each site with a basket for aluminum cans that we empty. It seems like this is a small thing to do but the cans add up through the summer. We cash in the cans for money and all the money goes to the shelter.

  2. when we have Bingo afternoons, our campers get the 1st Bingo sheet for free and if they want a 2nd Bingo sheet, there is a minimum $1 dollar fee that goes into the animal shelter fund. 

  3. there is a donation jar in the store. 

It all adds up through the summer! We hope if you stay with us, you'll save your cans for the shelter and donate any extra pocket change.


                                      We hope that you'll support your local animal shelter.

Shelter's Contact Information


Hours of Operation

Monday: Closed

Tuesday - Sunday 12:00-3:00pm


Carl W Nelson Animal Shelter

Facebook Page

  • Facebook

Carl W. Nelson Animal Shelter

W5096 State Rd 82

East Mauston, WI

P.O. Box 345

Mauston, WI 53948

State of Wisconsin License #477646

Please visit the shelter's website for more information about the shelter, about ways that you can help the shelter, about the animals that are available for adoption, and about who Carl Nelson was and why the shelter is named after him.

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